Call it what you’d like, at some point in your life you have probably met someone that has “wandering eye syndrome.” Perhaps, that person might be you. Is there a cure for such a lustful condition? Does there need to be? And can this fatal distraction affect a relationship—for better or worse? You probably want to know if your partner practices this; should you be threatened with the loss of his or her love? The list of questions can continue forever.

I think the following inquiries need to be made:
1). Is this a constant practice?
2). Have you attempted to discuss this civilly with your partner?
3). Does it turn you on or off?
4). Does the beauty or handsomeness of another person intimidate you?
5). Are you willing to work with your lover on getting this settled or take it to a new level?
6). Have you, in any way, created this problem or virtual fantasy?
7). Do you recognize that lust and love are competitors and not one and the same?
These are only some of the questions that you could be asking yourself. If this issue is addressed in the wrong way, it can lead your partner to take his or her addiction “underground” and satisfy his or her desire through some outlet of social media or pornography. Also, if it does go unaddressed, your soul tie may be at risk. Who is better suited to understand and care for your lover than you?
Most times, wandering eye syndrome is intimidating in a relationship, especially a marriage. However, understanding that a lustful eye doesn’t always equal a loss of love is an important place to start.
Yet, it can imply that erotic love is weak or non-existent. Rather than ignoring the elephant in the room, create a discussion to take place in a safe and constructive environment.
Don’t become overly threatened by “wandering eye syndrome,” take a deep breath and begin a healthy dialogue with the hopes that a solution can be discovered, and it may just take you to a higher level.

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