Buddha said, “When you like a flower, you just pluck it; when you love a flower, you water it every day.” Romance within a relationship is like water–without it, marriage will eventually dry up and die. Romance is an art, and it is intentional; to most people, it must be learned.
The following quiz will help you to rate your current range of romance.

1). There is more complaining than complimenting within your relationship
2). When you think of romance, it sounds like work
3). Passionate sex is rare
4). You dress better for work or social outings than you do for a date with your lover
5). The role of a parent has replaced the role of a husband or wife
6). You communicate less than one hour per day with your partner
7). Foreplay is rarely practiced, and when it is, it lasts minutes
8). You only surprise your lover with gifts or cards on his or her birthday or special holidays
9). You could care less about seducing your partner
10). Your most extended kiss in the last week was less than 15 seconds
If you answered “yes” to 5 or more of the above questions, your level of romance is low. Chances are, if you don’t immediately improve upon maturing the romantic love within your relationship, it will only become worse. In time, thoughts may arise in your mind that leave you questioning if you’re even connected to the right person.
Don’t become another “average relationship” that merely exists to keep your assets intact or your children happy. The truth is, assets can consume you, and if your marriage lacks romance, your children are being mentored to eventually follow the “low-energy” model that you are creating. There’s still time, add flair and passion to your life!

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